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Thank you for your interest in eFiltro New Idea Center. On a quarterly basis, we select a few business plans from the hundreds received, so please understand that we may only contact you if we believe we can be of assistance.

Your best chances of success are for:

  • Early stage & expansion stage ventures (must have some revenues and customers to prove concept), seeking from $500,000 to $5M. If you are looking for seed capital (pre-revenue), consider bootstrapping your resources and tapping into personal credit, family and friends.

  • We are looking for profitable business models with large growth markets, beneficial competitive landscape, sustainable competitive advantage, capable and complete management teams, proof of concept validation, reasonable valuations and established exit strategies. If your venture is not ready for the above, then consider first our venture consulting services. You only get one chance with any investor.
  • You must have a professional "investment-grade" business plan, or at least, the willingness to obtain one. Two page executive summaries will have very limited success in raising capital. We will gladly refer professional business plan writers.
  • You should establish a marketing budget for getting funded. You need capital to obtain capital.
  • You are much better off if you come to us through first-rate referrals with the industry's top lawyers, accountants and consultants.

Got what it takes? Then please review our legal terms and denote agreement by clicking "Accept" on the box below before you submit your business plan for consideration.



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