New Idea Center has the following high value services for our investors, which include accredited investors, angel networks, incubators, accelerators, investment bankers, and venture capital firms:

Quality Deal Flow - We will provide pre-screened opportunties for accredited and professional investors at no cost to them. Please complete and return the investor accreditation form and registration template. See Join Us.

Search Fund Requests - We identify potential investment opportunities that meet venture fund criteria based on a finder's fee contract, usually performance-based on Lehman formula.

Business Models & Strategic Plans - We prepare investment-grade business plans, including some of all of the following:
o Financial Model, Projections & funding requirements
o Market Opportunity & Competition analysis
o Marketing & organizational Plan
o Technical due diligence
o Valuation Analysis
o Professional editor and graphics

Business Plan Evaluation - For professional investors and angel networks, we provide a robust methodology to evaluate business plans based on an established algorithm designed with the intellectual capital of a leading global consulting firm. With this service, we mainly aim to provide primary screening for unsolicited business plans, present them ranked in a concise database format, and handle all submitter requests and feedback. Our service is exclusive for each sponsor, and done transparently. We use the highest security to ensure that business plans are kept confidential and proprietary. For an optional set-up fee, we can tailor the key variables to the sponsor's requirements

Due Diligence - We provide customized levels of due diligence to verify business plan information and potential of new ventures:

  • Level One- Personal interviews, onsite reviews and basic background check
  • Level Two – Market research, competitive analysis, Legal Status and Technical Tests
  • Level Three – Coordination of Financial, Legal and Human Resources

Business Plan Contests - We have performed various business plan contests for our sponsors. Our customized services range from business plan evaluation, event coordination, marketing, media relations, due diligence, investor relations, to total coordination of a premiere contest.

Advertising - Web site banners and event co-sponsorship are available.

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