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eFiltro has the following high value services for our sponsors, which include investors, accelerators, incubators, venture capital firms, web developers, consultants, lawyers, research companies, executive search, financial services, accountants and many others:

Sponsor Referral Service - As the portal of choice for aspiring and serious entrepreneurs, we have a  referral service, based on standard commissions,  for information technology providers and consulting companies, as well as legal, accounting, advertising, public relations and executive search firms. We have a section of the Web site that describes sponsors with their location, capabilities and price range.

Business Plan Evaluation - We provide a robust methodology to evaluate business plans based on an established algorithm designed with the intellectual capital of a leading global consulting firm. With this service, we mainly aim to provide primary screening for unsolicited business plans, present them ranked in a concise database format, and handle all submitter requests and feedback. Our service is exclusive for each sponsor, and done transparently. We use the highest security to ensure that business plans are kept confidential and proprietary. For an optional set-up fee, we can tailor the key variables to the sponsor's requirements

Sales Lead Qualification - For infrastructure and service companies, we can provide filtering, ranking and valuation services through our plan analysis methodology for sales leads. This is a great convenience for industry suppliers who have to qualify sales leads from the myriad unsolicited business plans and requests for partial equity participation as payment for their products or services.

Advertising - Web site banners and event co-sponsorship are available.

If you are interested in becoming part of our community of sponsors, please contact us.

Partner Links

FloodPanel.com: flood barriers and flood protection products and services for commercial property.

Flood-Barriers.com: flood control products for commercial property.

ArchitectureMetals.com: architectural metals made in the USA.

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