You have to be able to communicate your idea clearly and concisely to investors, suppliers and potential employees. In most cases, you will only have ONE CHANCE to present your proposal, so make sure that the message and content are of the highest quality. eFiltro can assist you for this crucial communication via its network of consultants, lawyers, translators, graphic designers, and copywriters. The following are key types of presentations:

Elevator pitch: Imagine that you met a wealthy investor or a key employee candidate in an elevator, and you had ten floors to explain what your business is about. The "elevator pitch" is a verbal summary of thirty seconds that explains the opportunity and concept. This will become essential for any initial communication, and should be memorized by the whole team.

Executive Summary: Most business plans only get a glance from investors, media companies and suppliers. Prepare a two page document that addresses the business model and captures the reader's interest.

Slide Presentation: We suggest that you prepare a ten to twenty slides presentation, usually in Microsoft Powerpoint or Adobe Acrobat, that graphically illustrates the major points of your business. It will require personal commentary during a face-to-face meeting. However, be prepared for a "strip tease" session, where the investor throws away your presentation and starts asking detailed questions to make sure that you really know your business.

Business Plan Document: A detailed written document with graphics, preferably in Microsoft Word, that addresses all the major aspects of the business. Please refer to our Business Plan Guidelines and Outline sections in eFiltro for greater detail of this key document.

Financial Statements: Forecast for revenue, cost and expense by month in order to create a detailed set of financial statements. These should include an income and expense statement, balance sheet, cash flows and funding requirements. It is highly suggested that you do sensitivity analysis for the key variables under various scenarios.

Private Placement Memorandum (PPM): A formal legal document sent to investors that outlines the legal offering and risks, and addresses breifly the opportunity and financials. It is best to have a business plan document that shows the details of the opportunity, and then present a PPM for investors as the legal vehicle for investment. You could also have a "term sheet" that addresses the key financial considerations. Please consult with legal professionals.

For our international friends, we have to note that the above have to be done in English if you wish to have global investors.


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