So you want to start-up a new company? The following list will help you determine if you want to really start your new business, and the numerous steps you will have to take.

Know Yourself

Assess your appetite for risk, stress and hard work. Are you ready to be an     entrepreneur?
Assess your strengths and weakness. Do you know the areas in which you need     help?
Establish your personal and business goals. What are your required returns?
Identify your financial resources. Are you able to live through financial uncertainty?
Get in shape physically and emotionally. Can you handle the challenge?
Discuss with your family and friends. Will you have a support structure?
Find ways to release stress and pace yourself for a marathon.

Know your Business

Perform extensive research on your marketplace and competition.
Identify the target customers in your market.
Make your financial analysis. Be tough on yourself.
Create a preliminary business plan.
Create a marketing presentation.

Consider contacting an accelerator or incubator to get your business concept to market quickly

Create an Identity

Choose a legal name. Verify that it can be used.
Choose – and purchase quickly – your website name.
Create a mission statement.
Select a graphic designer to create the logo.
Create a tagline for your business.
Get office location and furniture.
Get telephones, web access, network, printers and fax machine.
Get business cards and stationery printed.

Create a New Company

Select a Lawyer. Make sure that they understand your industry.
Choose a legal structure and entity. Delaware Corporations are the best path to IPO.
Incorporate the business through a lawyer.
Protect your intellectual property (patents, copyrights and trademarks)
Register your name
Prepare a confidential disclosure agreement (CDA)
Select an accountant or financial firm
Obtain an Employer Identification Number (EID) if you will hire employees
Obtain a license or permit (if needed, for example, for restaurants)
Select a bank and open an account. Get checks as soon as possible.
Get credit card approval (usually at the bank).
Select an insurance agent.

Create a Team

Obtain employment offer letters and contracts.
Choose your partners and key employees.
Choose your web site developer
Choose your information technology platform and supplier.
Choose your advertising agency
Choose your public relations
Choose a executive recruiter
Choose your suppliers and negotiate contracts.
Select strategic alliances
Select a health plan and benefits for your employees.

Get Financing

Prepare your new business plan. See the following sections.
Determine your funding requirements and schedule.
Fund as much as possible with your own money.
Approach friends and family for contributions.
Determine alternate sources for seed capital ( angels, incubators, banks, suppliers,     venture capital firms).
Submit your plan to eFiltro!

Transact Business

Determine all your key milestones.
Establish your prices, terms and conditions.
Establish a marketing plan. Advertise prudently.
Establish a sales plan by customer.
Monitor your performance versus your business plan.


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