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We work with a varied mix (industry, stage, location, funding) of investment opportunities as attested by our following sample of customers. They represent some of the technology and non-technology opportunities out of the hundreds of business plans we have in our database. We have pre-qualified them via our proprietary scoring methodolo, and onsite reviews with basic due diligence. Following please find summaries of some of our past premiere customers. Please contact us if you desire additional information, or a copy of detailed profiles of past and present customers .

Cash Businesses
Laundromat USA - Coin Laundries - Fort Lauderdale - (with NewIdeaCenter since Dec. 2002) Experienced management team brings family's 30 years of coin laundry experience from California to Florida in a very basic industry with outstanding cash flows, profitabiity and barriers of entry. Provided networking with accredited investor events.

Digital Content
Convizion - Digital Content Management - Fort Lauderdale - (with NewIdeaCenter since Dec. 2001) Experienced management team brings sales and technical management of large content libraries in new business model. Have generated over $500K in sales in first five months from customers like ESPN, National Geographic, Weather Channel, and Grey Advertising. Seeking to match VC commitment for expansion through profitability. Provided matchmaking events and funding alternatives.

Ideal Conditions - eLearning Information Delivery Platform - Boca Raton/Pittsburgh. (since Sept 2001) ICI provides second generation technology, developed at Carnegie Mellon University, that uses proprietary non-linear digital processing to randomly access and synchronize video and mixed media. Proven1 revenues over $0.7M from premiere and repeat corporate customers. Funded over $1M, sought equity for growth expansion. Provided business plan upgrade, matchmaking events and funding alternatives.

Infinite Moblility ( Handheld Sports Software), Los Angeles, California.  (since June 2001) Wireless handheld device solutions for professional sports organizations for coaching and scouting applications currently deployed by the Los Angeles Lakers and Philadephia Sixers basketball teams.  Professional management team has revenues and sought capital to expand marketing reach. 

Tire Group International (Distribution B2B commerce), Miami, (since Dec. 2000)  is a $22M revenues tire distribution wholesaler to Latin America with an experienced management team and technology advantage.  Self-funded to date, it sought growth round to extend product line and geographic reach to create superior position through industry consolidation and ebusiness. Provided business plan upgrade, matchmaking events and funding alternatives.

SRT Group - Energy Storage and Hydrogen Production - Miami - (December 2001) SRT has developed a new electrical energy storage system, that is protected by patents worldwide, which stores cheap off-peak energy as a super-battery and creates hydrogen, an increasingly valuable energy resource. Funded over $10M, including the Department of Energy, seeks final phase roll-out of licenses. Obtained funding for business plan improvement.

Florida Coastline - Community Bank- Miami- (Feb. 2002) A start-up firm in Kendall is sponsored by strong community leadership and experienced bank managers to bring financial services to small and medium business in South Miami. Funded over $7M, seeking up to $2M to finalize registered offering. Although NewIdeaCenter was successful in assisting to raise money, the bank did not meet the required minimum to break escrow.

Sterling Financial - Investment Banking - Boca Raton - (January 2001) - Provides investment research, asset management and private banking to a mid-market companies and private clients through 50 offices worldwide. This >$20M firm sought expansion capital for global mergers. Upgraded business plan and provided funding alternatives.

Human Resources Staffing
Fircroft/GlobalTech - Technical Staffing - Houston - (since May 2002) - Executive search and employment organization for the oil and gas industry was successful in buy-out of its partners' partial equity stake to leverage global sales of $20M. Prepared full business plan and provided funding alternatives.

Medical Devices
Precision Medical Devices - Medical Technology - Fort Lauderdale - (Dec. 2001) Renowned doctors, experts in their field, have teamed up with professional medical device engineers to address large health problems, such as urinary incontinence. Sought funding to finalize animal trials, commence clinical trials for FDA approval, and start new projects in pipeline. Won Miami Herald contest for promising business plans.

Dobi Medical Systems - Medical Technology  - Florida/New Jersey - (Sept 2001)   Dobi is a high tech medical device company that uses proprietary patented imaging technology for  differentiating between benign and malignant breast tumors.  Funded over $7M, including by Chairman David Clarke (CEO, US Industries), Dobi sought capital to complete FDA approval cycle.

BillboardLive - Music Entertainment Platform - Miami/Las Vegas/NY- (January 2002) Premiere brand in music and entertainment builds multimedia and live studio clubs globally.

Visionic - Digital Music Software - Clearwater - (January 2002) - Producers of PCDJ, industry leading electronic music mixer software with over 5 million downloads. Funded over $10M, sought to roll-out major marketing alliances with Universal and other labels.

Inatel - Telecommunications - Miami - (March 2001) provides channel management solutions for telecommunication agencies. Currently generating revenue. Funded over $1.5M, sought  venture capital firm or immediate angel investor bridge financing.

Jump USA - Business and Entertainment Technology Centers -  Miami - (Sept 2001) Experienced management team has five proven business models to bring access to the latest technology for business, education and entertainment. Sef-Funded, seeks investment for immediate implementation of detailed action plans backed by extensive research.

ANGEL INVESTOR OPPORTUNITIES: Most of the above ventures provide opportunities for investments from private individuals.

INVESTOR'S CAVEAT: Investment in new businesses carries high risk, as well as the possibility of high rewards. It is highly speculative, and potential investors should be aware that no established market exists for the trading of shares in private companies. Before investing in a project about which information is being provided, potential investors are strongly advised to take advice from a professional advisor who specializes in this kind of investment. 

DISCLAIMER: EFiltro, Co. explicitly does not recommend certain investments or invite any individual or corporate body to invest in any specific company or venture, nor provide direct advice to entrepreneurs in their dealings or negotiations with third parties. The service provided is solely to bring together a number of experienced investors with ventures that fulfill certain criteria. We do not assume any liability for these matchmaking services.   

Please contact us if you are interested in any of these companies, and we will provide additional business plan information and contact information.



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