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eFiltro New Idea Center has a proven track record of excellence, integrity and professionalism demonstrated with the following activities:

Venture Capital Consulting: From our launch in the fourth quarter of 2000 to the end of 2002, we had only selected 36 firms (less than 2%) from the thousands of business plans received to assist with venture capital consulting services. We continue to be more selective, with fewer customers on average per quarter, but more successful, as we improve our level of services.

While certainly past performance is not a guarantee of future performance due to the nature of early stage investments, of the 36 firms we have performed venture capital consultancy, profiled as of December 2002:

  • Total Amount of Capital Raised = $146M
    • Maximum $38M - Minimum $25,000.
  • 67% are still Active in business
  • 64% were producing Revenues when contracted
  • 36% were Funded After our events ( approximate total >$10M) - and we continue to improve this performance metric year on year.

Investor Events: Since 2000 to year end 2002, we had over twenty four major events, with over 1100 attendees, of which over 540 were accredited investors. Since 2002, our events are smaller for better networking, focused in South Florida, and exclusive to 90% accredited investors, and a few select sponsors and entrepreneurs :

Following are the major events for entrepreneurs and investors

  • August 2000 - Launch - eFiltro United States
  • October 2000 - Launch - eFiltro Argentina
  • November 2000 - Launch - eFiltro Mexico
  • December 2000 - Investor Matchmaking Event - Miami, Florida
  • January 2001 - Investor Matchmaking Event - Miami, Florida
  • January 2001 - Business Plan Competition - America Economia/I-Biz
  • February 2001 - Investor Seminar - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • February 2001 - Business Plan Competition - Florida International University
  • March 2001 - Investor Matchmaking Event - Miami Florida
  • April 2001 - Investor Matchmaking Event - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • May 2001 - Venture Capital Fair - Hispanic Internet Summit - San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • June 2001 - Angel Investor Seminar & Matchmaking - Miami Florida
  • September 2001 - Angel Investor Seminar & Matchmaking - Miami, Florida
  • November 2001 - Angel Investor Seminar - Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • December 2001 - Investor Networking Event - Miami, Florida
  • January 2002 - Music Investor Event - MIami Beach, FLorida
  • February 2002 - Investor Networking Event - Miami Florida
  • March 2002 - Investor Networking Event - Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • April 2002 - Investor Matchmaking Event - West Palm Beach
  • June 2002 - Investor Networking Breakfast - Miami, Florida
  • June 2002 - Investor Networking Breakfast - Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • November 2002 - Investors Networking Breakfast - Miami, FLorida
  • November 2002 - Investors Networking Breakfast - Fort Lauderdale
  • December 2002 - Investors Networking Seminar / Breakfast - Boca Raton

For the future, we have only a select few "by invitation only" events for accredited investors in South Florida in order to maintian the quality and importance of these unique meetings among the region's top investors.

Business Development- eFiltro New Idea Center has worked with various firms to assist them increase sales, establish new operations, explore merger & acquisitions candidates and create strategic partnerships. In particular, we are very proud of our participation with:

Consulate of Spain - Trade Commission of Information Technology Firms to Florida - Business Development and venture consulting for 25 information technology firms in June 2000

Argentina Ministry of Science and Technology - Strategic Mission of Information Technology Firms to Florida - Business development and venture consulting for 20 software and technology firms visiting United States in January, 2000

As you may understand, we must maintain the confidentiality of the firms that we represent. We have performed market research, business development, contacted top candidates and closed deals for various firms. As examples, we had large cash payment system in Argentina looking to expand business in the United States, and for an American e-consulting firm seeking business in Latin America.

Business Plans Consulting- We have provided venture capital advisory and business plan consulting services for various firms, including:

  • Over 400 business plan analyses for
    • Department of Commerce
    • vFinance
    • Business Plan Competitions
    • eFiltro NewIdeaCenter
  • Over one dozen business plan consulting projects, including
    • +$23M international tire wholesaler - M&A strategy Plan
    • +$20M staffing firm - full business plan
    • +$20M investment bank - BP upgrade
    • Latin American Mail Network - full business plan
    • New Jet Aviation services firm - full business plan


Business Plan Contests- We have assisted the following entities with business plan competitions:

  • Hispanic Internet Summit - US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce - San Juan, Puerto Rico - National business plan contest coordination and platform for Hispanic and Latin American focused firms - May 2001
  • Florida International University - Miami, Florida - Net-Biz Business plan contest platform and review services for School of Business Administration - February 2001
  • America Economia / Dow Jones - Latin America - I-Biz Business plan competiton through eFiltro site for largest business magazine in region
  • First Tuesdays - Chile and Uruguay - Business plan competitions through eFiltro site -
  • YouStartUp - Argentina - Business plan competition promotion, coordination and eFiltro site hosting -
  • Microsoft/Compaq SpeedStart - Mexico - Business plan competition platform -


  • Strategic Partnerships- eFiltro has aligned with the following industry leaders in Florida and Latin America to further the development of new ventures:

Internet Coast - The South Florida Technology Firms Association - Development of angel investor networks from Miami to Palm Beach

vFinance.com - Global investment banking and venture finance portal - Business Plan Review services and development

America Economia / Dow Jones - The biggest business news magazine in Latin America - Development of new ventures

Americas Ventures - A consortium of premier venture capital consulting firms in Miami (eFiltro), Buenos Aires (eFiltro) Sao Paulo, Brazil (ITC Ventures), Mexico City, Mexico (New Capital)




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